Student Aspirations Team

By Student Aspirations Team member, Hannah Harding.
In our first terms as the Banbury Academy Student Aspirations Team, we have been getting to grips with understanding what Aspirations is. We also have been working hard to be positive role models for all students living the 8 Conditions that foster student aspirations. The 8 Conditions are:

  1. Belonging
  2. Heroes
  3. Sense of Accomplishment
  4. Fun & Excitement
  5. Curiosity & Creativity
  6. Spirit of Adventure
  7. Leadership & Responsibility
  8. Confidence to Take Action.

We have divided our team of 22 students into two groups. Each group has identified an aspirations challenge that we are working hard on.

Challenge 1: Expect Respect Campaign - Improving Student to Student Respect.
We have developed some long term and short term solutions to improve on the data from the My Voice survey relating to student to student respect.
The short term solutions include the following:
• Assemblies promoting who we are as a team and what we’re about
• Posters around school showing who we are and where to go for help
• A group email account where students can freely contact a select few of our team if there is a respect/ bullying issue or query.
• A Expect Respect rewards system

The long term steps are:
• Team building events where students get to know each other better and understand all that makes us unique as well as celebrate our diversity (plus they’re fun)
• A buddying system where older students can be mentors to the younger students

Challenge 2: Q-Bean Coffee With Purpose Challenge
Since we have started the Q-Bean Coffee With Purpose Challenge, we have had several meetings and developed a business plan detailing how we are going to market and sell Q-Bean Coffee to raise money to go towards a scholarship fund that will be used to help students achieve their dreams. Every single penny of the profits from the sale of Q-Bean Coffee goes straight into the scholarship fund. The first thing we have done is run a market stall for part of a day, selling bags of our coffee, along with cakes/biscuits and wristbands. Within 3 hours, we managed to sell 15 bags of coffee with several of our extras along side this.

Our next moves and will be to sell the coffee at parents' evenings and open days throughout school. In May we will do a 'pitch' to the 150 members of the Banbury Business Club at a Breakfast Meeting to be hosted at Banbury Academy.


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