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September 2018 Entry

Academy Admissions Policy for September 2018 Entry

September 2017 Entry

Academy Admissions Policy for September 2017 Entry

September 2016 Entry

Academy Admissions Policy for September 2016 Entry 
(Revised based on the ruling of the Schools Adjudicator September 2015)

Sixth Form Application Form 2016


Students from Feeder Primary Schools going into Year 7 should go through the Local Authority Admissions process.

Process of Application for Year 7 for entry in September 2017

  • The Local Authority Common Admissions Form (CAF - secondary) must be completed and returned to the Local Authority for all admissions to Banbury Academy by 31st October 2016.
  • Notification of Offer of Places: Parents will be informed by Oxfordshire Local Authority (or their home authority if they do not live in Oxfordshire) which school they have been allocated in writing by a letter posted in March 2017. Parents are asked to confirm their acceptance of the offer with the Local Authority in which they live by the deadline date stated on the letter.
  • Parents and students will then be offered an opportunity to visit the academy before September 2017 and meet staff as part of preparing them to give them the best possible start in the academy.

In-Year Admissions (for students applying to Banbury Academy during the school year eg transferring from another school or moving to the area).

Admission Appeals

If you would like to appeal for a place at Banbury Academy, please contact Sue Files in our Admissions and Appeals Office. Telephone: 01295 251451 x125. Email:

Admission Appeals Timeline 2017: For entry into Year 7 in September 2017
Date Event
Wednesday 1 March First round allocation day (for on-time applications, received by 31 October 2016)
Thursday 13 April Deadline for first round of secondary appeals
Thursday 27 April-Thursday 15 June First round of secondary appeals heard
Friday 5 May Second round allocation day (for applications received 1 November 2016-21 March 2017)
Friday 9 June Deadline for second round of secondary appeals
Monday 26 June-Friday 15 September Second round of secondary appeals heard
View the Admission Appeals Timeline in more detail here.

Admissions Contacts

Please return all completed application forms to:
Sue Files
Banbury Academy
Ruskin Road
OX16 9HY

Sixth Form
Admission into the Sixth Form is by open application during the Autumn/Spring Term before the September start. You can download the application form. See our Sixth Form Apply page on this website for more details. Please contact Carly Berry or Emma Tribe, Joint Heads of Sixth Form or the Sixth Form Secretary on 01295 251451 x128 if you require further information.  Email: