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The Two Year Programme Guide

Banbury Campus Sixth Form: The Two Year Programme

‘Our Community…Our Responsibility…Our Future’

Who can apply?
The Banbury Campus Sixth Form two year programme is open to students who have achieved at least a Grade 4/C in 5 or more GCSE or equivalent qualifications including English and Maths, and have achieved the entry requirements for their chosen Level 3 subjects.

Year 12
In the first year of the programme students study 3 Level 3 qualifications chosen from A level or/and technical qualifications. Consideration of the study of 4 qualifications will be given to exceptional candidates.

In addition all students participate in the unique Aspirations Employability Portfolio, and record their experiences on The Edge

Successful completion of the first year enables a clear route to Year 2 study. It is expected that students who wish to continue to year 2 will achieve at least a grade D at the end of Year 12.

Year 13
Students complete their Level 3 qualifications and also study for The Extended Project Qualification, recognised as a high level qualification by Universities and employers.
Leadership and Engagement, Careers and Guidance Programme

All sixth form students are expected to participate in this essential and exciting programme.
Leadership and Engagement, Careers and Guidance Programme

  Banbury Campus Sixth Form Hub Schools

All students in the sixth form opt to have Banbury Academy or Space School, Banbury as their sixth form ‘hub’. Their hub is where they will be registered and complete independent study. The hub school is also responsible for pastoral support of its students.

All sixth form students are members of a mentor group in their hub school and are allocated a mentor who oversees their day to day pastoral and academic needs.

The progress of students in both hub schools is overseen by the Heads of Post 16, Banbury Campus Sixth Form.

Subjects leaflets, with information on all courses, can be found here: Academic Courses