Engagement Days

On Thursday 22 October students enthusiastically participated in ‘The Banbury Academy Learning Beyond the Classroom Engagement Day’. This was the start of an exciting new aspiration programme designed to take students learning beyond their normal experiences in lessons.

During the day, a live blog was run by students participating in the activities so they could share their learning experiences as they happened. Year 7 created Arts in the Park at Wroxton Abbey with Year 8 travelling further afield to The Natural History Museum and Olympic Park in London, developing their understanding of the natural world by experiencing an earthquake or learning how sport can affect a community. Year 9 solved the murder of Mrs Gent using Forensic Science techniques or  experienced training facilities for sport at Worcester University.

For Year 10 it was a day with The Army’s team building and assault course outreach unit, whilst Year 11 students exercised their brain muscle in a variety of mathematical activities – using modern technology to revise key aspects of the Maths course. Students loved the thinking and hands on approach of the lessons, blogging:

“I never thought that a day full of maths would be this fun…”

In the sixth form, whilst Year 13 students prepared for their learning lives beyond the academy, Year 12 students experienced a day which culminated in a talk by Freddie Knoller, a Holocaust survivor who was imprisoned in Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen camps during World War II. His remarkable story rightly never fails to move our Year 12 students. This year he celebrated his 94 birthday, and we were honoured to welcome him to the academy for the eighth successive year.

Emma Tribe, Assistant Principal-Director of Pedagogy and Practice who was responsible for overseeing the planning and running of the day stated “Engaging students in exciting and challenging learning experiences which takes their learning beyond the normal confines of the classroom, motivates students to practice higher-level critical thinking skills, and promotes meaningful learning experiences. The day had a fantastic sense of purpose and it was wonderful to see all students and teachers learning and achieving together and having fun. Thank you to all students, teachers and support staff who contributed and took part in this memorable day.”

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