Some questions answered?

Q. Do I have free lessons?
Yes. There are periods in the day when you have no time-tabled lessons. These are for private study and provide you with the time to work independently, completing tasks set by your teachers. You must study in school during these periods.

Q. Is there a big difference between GCSE and Advanced Level courses?
Yes. There are differences in the teaching and learning styles. You will be expected to organise your studies independently. You will have to complete more individual reading and research. You ought to be doing a minimum of 2 hours study at home per night. The degree of difficulty of the work will be greater in Year 12 but you will be given guidance and support on how to make the transition from GCSE to Advanced Level work go smoothly.

Q. How will I know if I am making good progress and that I am on course for success?
You will have regular progress checks and receive CGs (Current Grades) in Year 12.
Also Sixth Form Record Cards are completed by subject teachers. These are used for mentoring and to draw up action plans. There are also formal reports. You will have feedback from your teachers continually on the work you do and there are also calendared parents evenings. You or your parents can ask for an informal meeting with your teachers, tutor or Head of Year at a mutually agreed time to discuss your progress.

Q. Can I resit Maths and English Language GCSEs?
Yes, but we offer no other resit GCSEs. Priority on the timetable goes to AS tuition though resit classes are timetabled to fit. Please note most universities and employers expect GCSE English Language and Maths (A - C) as part of their entry requirements.

Q. Is there financial help for Sixth Formers?
Free school meals and child benefit continue for sixth formers. Oxfordshire Education Authority also has a sum of money which students can apply for. This is means tested using parental income.  This Bursary Fund offers students some financial support during their time with us in the Sixth Form where the eligibility criteria are met. See the 16-19 Bursary Fund on how to apply. 

Q. What if I want to do Advanced Level courses but just get 4 grade Cs at GCSE?
You will not have met the minimum criteria, but individuals will have support and advice. Please note: most universities and employers expect GCSE English and Maths (A - C) as part of their entry requirements.

Q. Is there transport to Banbury Sixth Form?
It is the students' responsibility to apply for Post 16 travel:
• If you live within the Warriner Catchment area, application forms are available from the Integrated Transport Service on 01865 323500 and the cost of a bus pass is £80 a term.
• If you live in and around the Banbury area but not Warriner catchment (ie Cropredy) a mega rider bus pass can be obtained through Stagecoach on 01865 772250 at £87 a term. For students living further afield (ie Bicester) you can purchase the mega rider gold at £205 a term (term= 3 terms a year).
Fares subject to change, please check with transport providers.