Who's who in Banbury Academy

September 2016-17

Leadership Team

Principal of Banbury Aspirations Campus - Miss S Thomas 

Vice Principal - Ms J Ingham
Vice Principal - Ms J Hetherington

Assistant Principal / Head of Post 16 - Ms C Berry
Assistant Principal / Head of Maths & Health College - Mr M Stowe
Assistant Principal / Head of Humanities & Languages College - Ms C Foster
Assistant Principal / Head of English & Arts College - Ms J Irvine
Assistant Principal / Head of Science & Technology College- Mr C Smith

Director of Teaching - Mr C Deakin

Sixth Form

Assistant Principal / Head of Post 16 - Ms C Berry
Subject Coordinator of Post 16 - Ms S Heywood
Subject Coordinator of Post 16 - Ms J O'Donnell
Coordinator Post 16 - Ms S Allen


Art - Head of Art: Ms Aylott. Co-ordinator: Ms S Parkinson
Business Studies - Head of Business Studies: Ms R Ryan
Drama - Head of Drama: Ms A Turkmore
English - Lead Practitioner: Ms E Tribe. Co-ordinator: Ms S Eastwick-Thorne
Food & Nutrition - Deputy Co-ordinator of Technology: Ms C McMahon
Foreign Languages - Co-ordinator: Ms C Graver
Geography - Deputy Co-ordinator: Ms R Welchman
Health & Social Care - Co-ordinator: Mr D Merrick
History - Co-ordinator: Mr M Sullivan. Deputy Co-ordinator: Mr L Vinall
ICT - Head of ICT: Mr G Llewellyn
Law - Ms Z Grover
Maths - Lead Practitioner: Ms C Kearns. Co-ordinator: Ms J O'Donnell. Deputy Co-ordinator: Mr A Mativenga
Media and Film Studies - Ms S Eastwick-Thorne
Music - Head of Music: Ms L Webb
Philosophy & Ethics - Ms J Ingham
Physical Education - Co-ordinator: Mr D Merrick
Psychology - Head of Psychology: Ms S Heywood
Science - Co-ordinator: Mr C Colville. Deputy Co-ordinators:  Mr J Grimes, Ms G Willcocks
Sociology - Mr C Deakin
Technology - Co-ordinator: Mr G Llewellyn. Deputy Co-ordinator: Ms C McMahon
Textiles - Ms S Parkinson

Lead Practitioner for Cross-Curricular Projects - Ms A Cox
Cross-Curricular Project Leader - Ms A Turkmore

Head of Student Support - Ms E King
SENCO - Ms J WIlliams

College Administrators

English & Arts - Ms E Daisley
Maths & Health - Ms D smith
Science & Technology - Ms M Malcher
Humanities & Languages - Ms G Taylor