Welcome to Banbury Academy where our mission is to empower young people to aspire to new dreams and challenging possibilities. We provide high standards of teaching and learning... Read more

  • Cyber Sense

    On Thursday 7 May 2015, Banbury Academy is going to hold a presentation “Cyber Sense” based on the dangers of Social Media to children with guest speaker, Ben Lovatt (The Training Effec... Read more

    Y11 Students 4 - 15th May

    Arrangements for Year 11 Students for the Weeks Beginning Monday 4th May and Monday 11 May Read more

  • GCSE Exams Summer 2015

    The provisional timetable for GCSE Examinations Summer 2015 is online now. Click 'Read more' to view the timetable. Read more

    Year 11 Exams & Study Lea...

    Read the letter to parents about Year 11 Exams and Study Leave Arrangements here: Read more

  • Sixth Form Exams Summer 2...

    The provisional timetable for Sixth Form Examinations Summer 2015 is online now. Click 'Read more' to view the timetable. Read more

    Year 12 Study Leave

    Year 12 Study Leave: Monday 11 May – Friday 22 May inclusive for AS examinations. From Monday 1 June, after half term,  all year 12 students will be expected back in school on timeta... Read more

  • FREE GCSE PE Revision

    Join thousands of UK PE students to revise live with MyPEexam.  Live via YouTube - the UK's most watched PE Teacher! Join James for two fast-paced and thorough revision sessions... Read more

    Term 5

    Term 5: Monday 13 April (8.45 am) – Friday 22 May (3.15 pm). May Day Holiday: Monday 4 May. Holiday: Monday 25 May – Friday 29 May. Read more

  • Raising money for Nepal

    Cake Sale on Thursday and Friday lunch times, 7 and 8 May in Stanbridge Foyer, raising money for Nepal. The deadly Nepal earthquake has left over 8 million people in need of humanitarian aid... Read more

    Tickets for Lion King Jr.

    Don't miss out - tickets for The Lion King Jr. are on sale NOW. Students at Banbury Academy are hoping this year’s school musical will be a roaring success as they prepare to be... Read more